Ben Critchley

Full Stack Developer

At Gravit8 I’m a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, creating software using React, NodeJS and SQL. Before transitioning to development in 2019, I’d worked in tech and events for six years, starting off handling IT for gaming events.

“Nothing beats overcoming the challenge in front of you”

What I thrive on is having the means to create software that can achieve whatever we set out to do – bespoke software is such a powerful tool. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing the finished article and it’s great when your skills enable you to overcome whatever challenge is put in front of you.

I’d say the most challenging aspect of my job is knowing which way will be the best for each project and keeping up with the latest technologies. There is a lot to learn. There isn’t just one way to build software, there are so many ways.

“Having a thirst for knowledge is key”

The most important advice I’d give to my successor would be to be constantly curious about technology – that’s how you learn. Ask why things work like they do, and if you don’t understand something, keep researching and learning until you do. Have a thirst for knowledge.

At Gravit8 HQ, everyone helps each other out and contributes where they can. It’s a real team effort to get projects completed. If you’re skilled in something, then you can be sure your skills will be harnessed whenever appropriate. The team will get the best out of you.

“Covid has accelerated the switch to online platforms”

It feels like we’ve taken a quantum leap forward with the shift to digital transformation thanks to the pandemic. The web development field has benefited from the huge shift to online platforms. One large change is the transfer to cloud platforms for hardware, allowing us to easily scale our infrastructure much quicker than was possible before.

“The world is VR’s oyster”

I’m also excited to see the progression of VR in the next five years. I think the technology has huge potential and the hardware is becoming more accessible and of a higher quality. Hopefully this will allow a much wider audience for VR applications. In terms of the technology’s potential, the world really is its oyster!

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