Object tables are a highly innovative and engaging tool designed for events and permanent installs.

Utilising the latest in touchscreen technology, they provide a tactile and interactive experience that is sure to captivate and impress any audience. Each object placed on the tabletop is programmed to represent a specific aspect of your business, such as a product, sector, or case study.

This allows brands to effectively showcase all the key information about your business in a visually appealing manner. Additionally, you can even attach 3D models to the objects for added impact.

To access the content associated with each object, all you need to do is move an object onto the interactive screen. This simple action acts as a trigger, bringing up the content that is dedicated to that specific item.

Household names such as AstraZeneca, GE, Philips, Dyson and more have utilised Gravit8 Object Tables in a variety of ways, from sharing product specifications and pricing information to showcasing demonstration videos and influencer content. With this powerful tool, you can bring your business to life in a way that will engage and educate your audience, whether or not you have a member of your sales team present.

You can watch more ways Gravit8 Object Tables have been used in our showcase, here: vimeo.com/showcase/objectrecognition

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