Jessica Short


If there’s one common thread to my diverse CV, it’s creativity. This has always been at the core of any role I’ve taken on, from special effects makeup artistry to healthcare IT. I started at Gravit8 (formerly DBpixelhouse) in April 2019 as part of the content team. I manage the marketing at Gravit8.

“Tech is never going away; it will only evolve and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

It might sound rather cliched, but I’m driven by client satisfaction – being able to show people a solution they’ve never seen before. It’s got to be something that exceeds their expectations and isn’t just a “tick box” exercise for their event. Gravit8 is the next generation of events – that makes work fun!

The most challenging aspect of my job is probably the confidentiality of numerous projects. We have worked with some huge brands and pharmaceutical giants, but given the nature of the content, we are unable to disclose information. This makes my job hard as some of the best work we have done, we aren’t allowed to talk about publicly. Also, the event industry is notoriously known for its unrealistic deadlines. We often get a brief or brief changes close to the event date, and that can be stressful, but it all adds to the excitement! We live and breathe events, the business has been in the industry for over 20 years, so although the crazy timeframes can prove a challenge, we know how to handle it.

“The most important advice I’d give to my successor? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make suggestions. They’re always welcomed by the Senior Management Team.”

What I love about the culture at G8 is, you’re not a cog in a huge corporate machine. Everyone is accessible. If I need to talk to the MD or the CEO, I just pick up the phone. It’s a very supportive network and everyone wants each other to do well. “Figure it out for yourself” or “That’s not my job” are two phrases that you’ll never hear at G8. All of our roles are fluid, and we only excel in them if we all chip in and support each other! Not every business gets this ethos, but I think it’s pivotal to a company’s success.

“As a business, events are simply part of our DNA.”

It goes without saying, it has been a weird few years for everyone. Who could have foreseen the changes to our industry? We went from sharing a VR headset with a stranger without questioning it, to wondering why blowing out candles on a cake was ever considered acceptable!!

I am proud of Gravit8 and how we’ve adapted. We understand what delegates, brands, venues and sponsors need and we have the solution for them, be it physical, virtual or hybrid.

“The pandemic has changed people and their priorities.”

While everyone is excited to be back in the office ‘in person’, we can’t hide from the fact the pandemic has changed all of us. The same can be said for our priorities. Some people are hesitant to travel, and brands are more conscious than ever of cost and carbon footprint.

I honestly think – and hope – that whilst in person, events will never disappear, more and more of the industry will look at creating highly interactive virtual spaces, and that’s where we come in!