Joanna Prangley


I started at DBpixelhouse in June 2019, however my background was in the military. I eventually migrated into compliance and improvement which was a surprise to me, but apparently not to anyone else!

I hold a central role between Gravit8 and their sister company DBpixelhouse. I work in compliance managing our integrated accreditations for audit, onboarding new starters, providing internal training, introducing new policies and processes, and identifying and executing opportunities for improvement.

“What drives me in my role? Supporting individuals and teams as they implement positive change. I love seeing it work for them”

For me, the most challenging part of my role is opening minds to doing things differently, but once you see them click it makes all my “nagging” worthwhile. Well, I think so anyway!Gravit8 currently work to ISO standards (ISO 9001, 14001 and 20121) and are working towards ISO certification for 2023!

“Leave your ego at the door and really listen to what the team needs from a process”

The team here are generous with time and wisdom, open to all ideas and hold a refreshing lack of ego. Everyone is valued and respected, from their first day on the job to their last, no matter where they sit on the ladder.