Project: AR Treasure Hunt

Event: UNITI 24 – Stuttgart


At UNITI 24 in Stuttgart, Gilbarco partnered with us to create a gamified Augmented Reality experience for their exhibition booth. Our mission? Make learning about their products engaging and memorable with a bit of tech magic

The Challenge

Gilbarco wanted to go beyond the traditional static displays and brochures commonly seen at trade shows. They needed something that would grab attention and make their product info stick in a fun, engaging way.

Our Solution

We developed an augmented reality (AR) tablet application that transformed the booth visit into an exciting AR treasure hunt. This solution provided a fun and interactive way for visitors to explore Gilbarco’s product offerings.

How we did it

  • Interactive AR Experience: Visitors grabbed a tablet loaded with our AR app. Easy to use and engaging, the app was designed to draw people in and keep them interested.


  • QR Code Integration: There were nine QR codes positioned around the Gilbarco booth. Scanning each code with the tablet popped up a 3D model of the product’s key benefits, along with supporting text that provided key information and insights. 


  • Engagement Through Gamification: The AR experience was designed as a treasure hunt. Visitors had to find and scan all nine QR codes to complete the experience, making it a fun challenge that encouraged them to explore every corner of the booth, and ultimately all products.


The AR app was a hit! People spent more time at the Gilbarco booth, interacting with the 3D product models and getting all the information they needed in an engaging way. The feedback was fantastic, with many visitors loving the fun, interactive twist on the usual trade show booth.


This project was a testament to the power and adaptability of augmented reality. By bringing in AR, we helped Gilbarco create a standout booth that was both educational and fun, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.