With physical events put on hold and being consistently pushed back, exhibitors at major events were concerned how they would continue to reach their audience in a meaningful way, ITV was no exception. The ability to share digital content and meet with strategic partners in highly visible environments, has proven to be crucial in forging future relationships and maintaining current trade opportunities.

MIPCOM 2020 made an early decision to pivot to digital, but many exhibitors were concerned by the limited range and quality of functionality on offer in the official Virtual Event Platform or off the shelf channels such as Zoom.



ITV turned to Gravit8, (then DBpixelhouse), to scope out and create the ‘Fall Festival’ as an immersive online event. The virtual event space was made of up of three areas:


Virtual Lobby

A realistic 3D space where visitors could explore and interact with video walls, images and brochures. This area enabled ITV to creatively express their corporate identity, impressing their customers with amazing designs and brilliant graphics.


The Live Lounge

Here they hosted live and pre-recorded seminars, streamed to a cinematic screen with securely managed registration, RSVP access and full audience analytics.


Meeting Rooms

 For ITV studios, promoting their content is the most important part of the meeting; sharing this via screen share did not offer the quality and resolution required for such content.  Bring in Gravit8, who created a meeting room within the platform that allowed videos to be played in the highest quality, on demand in meeting rooms to all participants, by using an API connection to their media servers.

Video and Sound quality in the virtual meeting rooms uses your personal secure server so that it surpasses the quality available in other rooms.



For ITV Studios, hosting meetings to promote content sales was the key event objective. Standard screen sharing of video content would not showcase their productions effectively.  Gravit8 designed and created a video meeting room system embedded in the Virtual Event Platform so that ITV could schedule meetings, send invitations and host up to 16 people at anytime.  The meeting hosts accessed playlists, hosted on ITV’s media servers, via an API and controlled simultaneous screenings of content which was streamed individually to each viewer.

Our technical solution to ITV’s problem ensured that the video and audio streams were of exceptional quality, the host remained in control of playback and was able to connect meaningfully with the audience in a video meeting room environment.