Agency: Shelton Flemming

Project: App development

Event: United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date: 30th November – 13th December

Key Stats

200+ delegate interactions

‘Information & Technology’ was the most popular category


Gravit8 had the privilege of collaborating with fellow trade show specialist and industry leader, Shelton Fleming, to deliver a complex software solution featured at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Held in Dubai, COP28 is the world’s only multilateral forum on climate change, hosting representatives from nearly every country to address the urgent need for global action in combating the climate crisis. Its primary goals are to directly prevent climate change through proactive environmental measures, help vulnerable communities adapt to the effects of climate change, and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050; aims which we are delighted to support. 


  • To seamlessly support the client’s intricate brief, alongside the aims of COP28, and communicate their key messages.
  • To deploy the app remotely from our UK-based team to Dubai, to reduce the transport footprint of the app. 
  • Provide an innovative, user-friendly, and robust solution tailored to the demands of a global event. 
  • Implement effective analytics capture to gather meaningful data on user interactions and engagement statistics.
  • Engage with delegates in key conversations around environmental sustainability.

The Solution: App Development

Working closely with Shelton Fleming, we developed an app that met the specifications of their client. While the details of the app remain confidential, it leveraged advanced technologies and engaging software to enhance the delegate experience, enrich user interactions, and garner valuable real-time analytics. 

Sustainability Spotlight

At Gravit8, we recognise the critical importance of sustainability in all aspects of our work. It is why we have developed our Virtual Event Platform, to support brands to launch international events on a virtual platform.  

Delivering an app that could be remotely deployed, and which utilised low-carbon hosting, helped to reduce transport miles, and support the client to communicate effectively without lots of physical material. Digital allows quick deployment and creativity, without the need for exhibition displays and materials.  

By contributing to COP28, we were proud to support the conference’s mission of fostering sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the digital realm, driving us to actively engage in projects that promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility. COP28 also represented our dedication to global impact and our pleasure to engage with organisations on a global scale, enriching our projects with unique perspectives and expertise. 

Here’s what Shelton Flemming had to say about working with us: 

“Our experience with Gravit8 has been excellent from the start. Tim’s responsiveness and support was exceptional, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!” 


Together with Shelton Flemming, we not only met but exceeded client expectations. This success showcases our ability to provide robust solutions that thrive in high-stakes event environments.

COP28 also serves as a great example of our expertise in working alongside agencies, delivering engaging software solutions, gathering analytics, and innovating on a global scale.

Gravit8’s interactive solutions power diverse events worldwide, ranging from large conferences to huge in person and virtual gatherings. Our proven track record positions us as the preferred choice for agencies seeking dependable, innovative software solutions.