Agency: Ideal Point Of Sale (IPOS)

End Client: schuh kids

Project: Retail Activation at schuh kids Store Westfields Stratford London

Go Live: 13th July 2023 (Permanent install)


“Unleash Your Style: The schuh kids x Nike Customisation Experience”

Key Stats

94 daily customer interactions 

11,500 brand print-outs (and counting) 

Unlimited brand recognition 


Gravit8 were thrilled to be approached by IPOS to deliver an activation for Nike in schuh kids Westfields London. IPOS are a leading creative agency that specialises in helping global brands connect with their audience and deliver results through purposeful storytelling.

This particular innovative experience combines interactive technology and personalisation, allowing children to design their own Nike trainers on a touchscreen app and print out unique stickers. With a burst of creativity, children can unleash their individuality, while driving footfall and strengthening the schuh-Nike partnership. Our touchscreen application, meticulously designed for Nike trainers, sets the stage for an immersive and tailored retail experience and proves the transformative power of technology and personalisation in creating memorable retail experiences.


  • Enhance the customer experience by providing an interactive and immersive customisation process.
  • Strengthen the partnership between Schuh and Nike through a co-branded retail activation.
  • Increase footfall and customer engagement within the store.
  • Creation of custom looping background video with a call to action.
  • Integration with a sticker printing system to produce physical stickers based on the customer’s design.

App Flow

Gravit8 and IPOS joined forces to produce a tailor-made video, seamlessly playing in the background while prompting customers to personalise their own Nike trainers. IPOS took charge of the designs, while Gravit8’s in-house animation team skillfully transformed them into captivating 3D visuals that aligned perfectly with the campaign’s overall imagery. The collaboration between Gravit8 and IPOS was flawless, with IPOS providing all the app graphics, deftly integrated by Gravit8 into the application. Together, we harmoniously executed the project from start to finish.

  • Step 1 – Choose between 2 trainer designs: Children are presented with two uncoloured drawings of different trainer designs. They can select their preferred design and proceed to the next step.
  • Step 2 – Choose a base colour: Children choose from six base colours, and the selected colour is applied to the base section of the trainer image in real-time.
  • Step 3 – Choose a colour for the Nike swoosh: Children select from six base colours for the Nike swoosh, which is dynamically applied to the logo sections of the trainer image.
  • Step 4 – Choose an accent colour: Children choose from six accent colours, which are applied uniformly to three accent sections of the trainer image (stitching, lace, and sole).
  • Step 5 – Round sticker background colour: Children select from six background colours for the sticker. The chosen colour is applied to the sticker’s background in real-time.
  • Final Step – Sticker Preview and Printing: Once children finish customising their trainer design, a fully personalised sticker is displayed on the screen. The sticker incorporates predefined schuh kids branding. The application then sends the image to the integrated sticker printing system, and a physical sticker is printed for the customer.


The Customise Your Own schuh Nike Retail Activation for kids successfully combines interactive technology and personalised customisation to create an engaging retail experience for children. By implementing a touchscreen application that allows children to customise Nike trainers and print out personalised stickers, the activation enhances customer engagement, strengthens the schuh-Nike partnership, and drives footfall within the Westfield, London store.

Between the installation date and November 20th, there’s been a total of 11,621 stickers printed, averaging an impressive 94 stickers per day over a 4-month period.

This remarkable statistic underscores the enduring popularity of the experience. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging technology, imagination, and personalisation to create memorable experiences in the retail sector.