Client: Shell

Event: Canadian Tyres

Project: Touch App


“You are all the best!”


Gravit8 was thrilled to receive a direct request from Shell for a unique and compelling way to showcase their products at the Canadian Tyres Show.

Looking for a visually appealing and efficient solution, our experts at Gravit8 worked to design a bespoke touch app that revolutionised the way Shell products are presented to and experienced by delegates.


  • Showcase products effectively: capture delegate attention and present Shell’s product range in a visually appealing manner.
  • Enhance information delivery: Create an intuitive app that quickly and easily conveys detailed information, fostering a more informed audience.
  • Maximise Attendee Engagement: Engage attendees by providing a memorable, immersive, and ‘cool’ experience.

The Solution:

Gravit8’s Touch App

Gravit8 stepped up to the challenge, crafting a bespoke touch app that featured each of Shell’s products as tappable graphics. Upon tapping, sliding visuals revealed in-depth information including videos and PDFs. The highly intuitive design facilitated ease of navigation and provided delegates with both an efficient overview, as well as a comprehensive understanding of Shell products.

Collaboration for Success

The Gravit8 team collaborated closely with Shell to build the touch app, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with the brand’s objectives. The app’s responsive interface provided a dynamic and engaging way for delegates to interact with Shell, contributing to an immersive experience that resonated with attendees at the Canadian Tyres Show.


Gravit8’s collaboration with Shell at the Canadian Tyres Show exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions. The success of the touch app not only met but exceeded Shell’s expectations, leaving a lasting impression on delegates.

The app has since been used at five more events; AAPEX, AutoZone, Orgill, Mid State and Tractor Supply. Gravit8 continues to redefine the standards of product showcasing in the events industry.