Data analytics is an essential component of interactive event software, as it helps brands and event organisers to measure and track the performance of their events.

When you create bespoke interactive event software with Gravit8 you can typically collect a wide variety of data. This data is then analysed to gain insights into the success of the event, the level of engagement of attendees, and areas for improvement. Gravit8’s data analytics portfolio collects data such as attendee information, session attendance, engagement levels, delegate feedback and more. This data is then analysed to gain insights and improve the event.

If you are investing in bespoke interactive event software, then you will want to understand the ROI for your brand.  Engagement levels can help determine successful activities to incorporate in future events. Feedback can also help improve the event by providing insights into what attendees liked and didn’t like.

In conclusion, data analytics plays a crucial role in the success of interactive events. By analysing data, event organisers can make informed decisions on how to improve their events and engage their audience more effectively. With the use of interactive event software, collecting and analysing data has become more accessible and efficient, allowing event organisers to make data-driven decisions and create more successful events.

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