The ultimate hybrid experience: combining in-person and virtual events

Bringing together the very best in delegate engagement at in-person and virtual events, Gravit8 can transform your delegate experience, drive revenue and deliver exceptional metrics. Ask us how…

The next generation of events

The future of events is here, and it’s all about delivering the ultimate delegate experience so that they can consume your content however, wherever, and whenever they like. According to research, 87% of delegates now expect event content (exhibitions, trade shows, congress, conferences and the like) to be readily available in a virtual format, even if they plan to attend in person. What’s more, having a virtual offering is already boosting overall delegate numbers by as much as 500%, with 45% of event delegates only attending because an event is available virtually. Yet more traditional delegates still value face-to-face, with delegate studies highlighting that a virtual version of your event increases overall delegate numbers, without impacting the number of people that turn up in-person. That sounds ideal, doesn’t it, particularly when adding a virtual format to your event can cost as little as 5% of the event total!

Hybrid events: the Gravit8 way

At Gravit8, we are experts in the delegate experience, driving exhibition engagement with cutting-edge software solutions that entice and excite. We’ve spent more than 15 years perfecting this artform, and world renowned brands and agencies have used us to deliver outstanding results, every single time.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our software development timeline, seeing us launch our Virtual Event Platform to replicate the in-person event experience in a true-to-life 3D format that is a market-leading experience for delegates. It gives brands and event organisers incredible data insights on their delegates and their behaviour and is transforming the value of events.

We’re using the virtual platform to create incredible, seamless, hybrid experiences, combining the very best of your in-person events with the very best of the virtual world, absolutely maximising your experience and its value.

Ready to go or one-of-a-kind

For those that want to dip their toe in the virtual world, our ready-to-go Virtual Event Platform is fully configurable and comes with a library of virtual environments so that you can get started building your exclusive virtual event straight away. If you’d prefer something more bespoke, Gravit8 has a crack-shot team of experts just waiting to build your perfect event. Don’t believe us? So far we’ve built a 3D virtual NASCAR circuit, the ultimate pharmaceutical conference and so much more. Just ask.

The ultimate creatives

At Gravit8, our team thrives on innovation. It is what we do. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want delivered, or you have a vague notion of what you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how to get there, just ask. We’re outstanding experts who love generating ideas and delivering creative solutions that not only look incredible, but also deliver results. It’s a win-win.

A seamless hybrid experience

Starting with your in-person event, we’ll support you with how you can drive maximum engagement from your delegates while they’re onsite. From there we’ll consider all the ways we can enhance their experience – like evergreen content passes for example – supporting you to maximise your revenue and delegate feedback. All of this activity will be underpinned by our delegate metrics, giving you never-before-seen insights into your delegates and their experience.

Next up, it’s how to go virtual. For some brands, that means creating a perfect replica of your in-person event in the virtual world, but for most it means pushing the boundaries to wow audiences with never-before-experienced 3D worlds. The only limit is our combined imaginations, and together with our clients we’ve been pouring more and more innovation into our digital solutions, providing new revenue opportunities, new formats and new angles that excite. It’s giving us exemplary delegate and brand feedback, and we absolutely love it!

Delegate-first events

With Gravit8 hybrid events, everything is delivered delegate-first, meaning they have the ultimate, fluid experience. Whether your delegate attends in-person, or in the virtual format, the two can blend seamlessly. People on the physical event booth can interact with remote audiences, while remote audiences can view live presentations from the booth, and the same salespeople can interact with both for your brands. Going hybrid means it’s no longer about where the delegate is located, but about specifically meeting their needs and interests, and maintaining their attention.

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Agency We Are Wonder

Brand Youtube

Efficient and organised

Fantastic to work with Gravit8 over the past few weeks.

Thank you for taking it on and special thanks to Dan for bearing with us. It was very polished content and it was all completed in an efficient and organised manner.

I'm excited about what we can do in the future


Serious competitive advantage

The Virtual Platform offers ITV a serious competitive advantage in the current climate.
Capita Travel & Events

Very effective!!

Gravit8 are challenging the status quo and utilising the latest event tech with a strong does of creativity, resulting in incredibly strong brand experiences.

So pleased with the end result

The Gravit8 team were great to work with! They created an incredible virtual environment for us and delivered a truly unique virtual brand experience.

We are so impressed with the creative graphics their team produced, and have appreciated how flexible they have been, making sure to communicate everything along the process in a way that was easy to understand.

It was truly a collaborative effort with their team and we are so pleased with the end result!

Agency GLS Design

A pleasure to work with

The team at DBpixelhouse were a pleasure to work with, they provided a great solution for our requirements at Sibos and Fintech which was equally well received by the exhibitor and delegates alike.
Delegate Feedback

Amazing technology!!!!

This is cool. So cool!

... a step into the future of virtual exhibitions

So impressed by the virtual world. It has reminded me why I am in this industry. Amazing technology!!!!

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