The Award Winning Gravit8 Virtual Event Platform is the next generation of online events, designed with a singular focus: to create the best possible online event experiences, for both audiences and brands.

It draws on our decades of experience creating software for face to face events for brands like Shell, AstraZeneca and Tik Tok. Imagine using a true-to-life 3D virtual environment to recreate or enhance your in-person events, making them accessible to anyone via the internet.

The result is a true example of innovation in the tech-sector, born from filling the void for events and exhibitions during an unprecedented international pandemic. It now compliments face to face or hybrid events, and expands well beyond in-person events in terms of productivity, reach and continued lifecycle.

Our platform is fully customisable and can be used to create anything from a single standalone booth or live session, through to a complete multi-brand event programme – with any mix of Networking, Conferencing and Exhibition, using our intuitive yet meticulously detailed creation tools.

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