Amanda Marshall


Amanda Marshall

Quality, Compliance and Administration

I’ve worked in various fields over the years. I started as an Operations Manager at a big travel company, then switched things up to become a Facilities Manager at a large Private Estate. Lately, I’ve been rocking the role of a Laboratory Manager, and I’m especially proud of being a key part of the government’s ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme.


“I am new to Gravit8, but I love learning and looking at ways to support, develop and positively improve not just the company but individuals too. This is an exciting industry that is constantly evolving and changing.”


I hold a pivotal position as the Quality, Compliance, and Administration Manager at GV8 and DBpixelhouse. It’s a role that keeps me on my toes, as each day brings new challenges. My primary responsibilities involve overseeing compliance with our integrated accreditation for audits, onboarding new team members, conducting internal training, implementing fresh policies and procedures, spotting potential avenues for improvement, and, a cause very dear to me, actively enhancing sustainability and minimizing our environmental footprint. It’s safe to say that monotony is nowhere to be found in this dynamic role.


“Listen to those around you, they are an amazing resource and so knowledgeable. Do not be afraid to ask questions, no question is a stupid question.”


Navigating ISO standards might not be the most thrilling topic, especially in a company focused on creating captivating software content. The real challenge lies in maintaining our focus on upholding the stringent criteria of our ISO 9001, 14001, and 20121 certifications. These certifications undergo yearly assessments, leaving no room for complacency and requiring a consistent push to meet the mark. It’s a bit like continuous “nagging,” ensuring we’re always on track.

Being at the centre of things between GV8 and DB might seem like a tough gig, but surprisingly, the culture is incredibly positive, characterized by a can-do attitude. Both teams have extended remarkable support, always greeting me with a friendly smile, no matter their positions. It’s a harmonious atmosphere that makes the challenge more enjoyable than expected.


“In my view, the industry’s trajectory will increasingly emphasise the establishment of robust Quality Management Systems, coupled with a strong emphasis on Sustainability and Environmental Impact”


Moving forward? It’s crucial for us to not only enhance our existing processes but also adopt a proactive stance in these areas. This momentum will also propel technology to even greater heights in the coming years, ushering in fresh innovations and advancements.