Charles Carter


My official position is ‘Junior Unity Developer’. In this role, I am responsible for prototyping and developing projects for clients. Additionally, I contribute to the enhancement of our resources and workflows by utilizing valuable development tools.


“It’s very easy to see the benefits and enjoyment technology can have for people, and I wanted to be a part of that.”


My fascination with computers and video games was undeniable. It ignited a deep passion within me to explore the world of interactive experiences and game development. To pursue this dream, I enrolled in university to study Computer Games Programming, where I honed my skills and gained a solid foundation in the field. Building upon that, I pursued a masters in Computer Games Development. After gaining valuable experience in the mobile games industry, I found my way to Gravit8, eager to embark on new adventures in game development.

I have always been involved in the tech field in one way or another, whether at school, at home or on field trips technology made a massive impact on my life.


“There’s a feeling of accomplishment when a project you worked on gets released or used that’s a great experience too.”


What drives me in my role? Making cool things, talking to people about cool things… figuring out problems in how to make cool things. When a project you worked on gets released or used that’s a sign of personal development which is important to me, knowing that I have improved in my role over time.

In my role, I encounter various challenges, both technical and non-technical, that keep me on my toes. Naturally, tasks that don’t align with my core strengths as a developer tend to be more demanding. One particular aspect that presents a significant challenge is the diverse range of technologies used in projects. It requires me to continuously learn and adapt to keep up with the evolving demands of each project. It’s an exciting but sometimes demanding aspect of my work that pushes me to grow and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.


“Being integrated into the company has felt seamless so far, communication is extremely regular between people which helps understand the new environment. It helps that it is such a friendly team too!”


If I could give any advice to my successor I would say, there’s going to be stressful times which will make you make mistakes, but always learn from them. Consistently look at yourself and your work and realise how to have prevented them. Being introspective is a valuable skill and understanding not to be too hard on yourself for any mistakes made is important.


“Embracing emerging trends and evolving methodologies will be vital to remain at the forefront of innovation and contribute to shaping the future of technology.”


To me, the future of technology is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. The software I currently work with has shown consistent improvement and has secured a stable position in the market. This implies that my work will undergo gradual technical changes in a relatively stable environment. However, I anticipate that at some point, this stability will give way to a more chaotic tech industry, where trends have increasingly profound impacts on the tools we use.

Take machine learning, for instance. While the concept has existed for a considerable time, its practical applications and techniques have witnessed massive developments since gaining mainstream attention. This exemplifies how technology trends can rapidly transform the way we approach our work.

As I look ahead, I expect to see further groundbreaking advancements and disruptions across various domains. Staying adaptable and continuously learning will be key to thriving in this ever-changing technological landscape.