Daniel Robinson


Daniel Robinson

Client Engagement Manager


I’ve recently become a part of the Gravit8 team, taking on the role of Client Engagement Manager with a primary focus on cultivating strong client connections and delivering dynamic software solutions.


“My passion for innovative technology solutions and exhibitions made this role a fantastic chance for me to further cultivate my interests.”


I’ve spent over 20 years working in retail management and customer service, mainly with Tesco. During that time, I managed more than 13 branches and their service teams. For the past two years, I’ve been in sales as a Business Development Manager, focusing on renewable energy products like EV chargers, solar panels, and battery storage solutions. I’ve also been involved in promoting products that help improve sustainability in homes and businesses.


“I thrive on networking and fostering relationships, all with the aim of nurturing future business prospects.”


I am driven by the desire to assist individuals in achieving their objectives while maintaining a forward-looking perspective. What excites me is witnessing the transformation of a client’s vision into a tangible reality.

Being a bespoke provider, there is so much to learn about what Gravit8 can offer clients. Until I acquire a more comprehensive grasp of the solutions I anticipate that the most demanding aspect of my role will be suggesting optimal solutions to clients.


Always take on board any training, advice and help from others who might be able to help you. Never be too proud to ask for advice.


From what I’ve seen so far, the work culture here is pretty laid-back and open. People freely share their experiences, and if there are any issues, everyone chips in to find solutions. I’ve been part of calls, meetings, and conversations, and it’s been a friendly and welcoming environment. The team has been great at introducing themselves, and Jez has been an awesome trainer.

I feel that the current environment is incredibly exciting and ever evolving. The world of exhibitions presents opportunities for pushing boundaries, where companies strive to outshine one another by introducing cutting-edge technology.


Over the next five years, I anticipate that as technology continues to advance, these opportunities will become increasingly accessible and affordable. This will enable companies across various sectors to leverage, apply, and expand their businesses through interactive software.