Steve Williams


Over the last decade, although my roles historically have been predominantly in a sales, every position I’ve held has had me working closely with Technology in some shape or form. I started with the manufacture and design of Printed Colour Boards, to being ‘Tech Support’ while working for Audi & Porsche.

Having never been involved in the more ‘Creative’ side of Technology, this interest is what led me to G8.

In simple terms, my role here is to be the go-between for the Client and our talented Developers to come up with all the great solutions that the Agencies and Brands we work with know and love.

“I love the challenge of being able to overcome the roadblocks our clients may be experiencing in their projects and being able to tap into my own knowledge, as well as the Team at large to come up with a stellar solution for them and their delegates.”

My curiosity always seems to get the better of me when it comes to Tech. From an early age of thinking it was ‘Magic’, to tearing Tech down and building it back up to understand what makes it tick! I’m still intrigued by all the diverse applications of Tech and love the fact that every day is very much still a ‘School Day’ as the industry continually evolves.

Its been said before, but the challenge we face in this industry is the ever-changing landscape! Be it deadlines, or what the current ‘Meta’ is, It’s always great to be kept on my toes. Quite often though, the result of last minute variables being thrown into the mix is that it inspires new and exciting concepts.

“There’s no such thing as a silly question. We all have our strengths within the Team and it’s highly likely over the years that if not you, someone else has encountered something similar to what you’re working on. There’s no medals for being a lone-wolf!”

To sum up the culture here at Gravit8; it is unrivalled. We all know each other on first name terms, no big sprawling corporate machine here. We’re all happy to get stuck in-to any challenge or task at hand to help each other out. It’s a very flexible working environment and I think the flexibility is also a contributing factor to the Teams overall success.

“To summarise the last couple of years in one phrase – ‘Adapt. Improvise, Overcome’

To summarise the next couple of years in one word – ‘Meta’”