Tim Clough


Studying Multimedia Web Design at University, I quite quickly realised that coding was not for me, so focused very much on the design side of things. I worked for a little while as a graphic designer in a marketing setting, however, in an attempt to utilise my technical university background, I have moved into the Project Management role.

As Project Manager I am a professional fire ‘putter-outer’. Working with both the Sales and Development teams, I oversee all aspects of a job once we get into the production phase of the project. This means my job includes a vast variety of things, too many for me to list, but everything from resource planning, to wireframing, to onsite delivery – I even still have a dabble at design work from time to time (quite often to our actual designers’ dismay).

“Every client, every event and every project is different, which means every day is a new challenge. It’s hard work, but it’s satisfying to problem solve under pressure and come out the other side seeing a project come to fruition.”

I’ve always had an interest in technology, from when I was young, through my education and into my working life. It’s something which is ever changing and especially in today’s current climate is an extremely exciting industry to be involved with.

No project is ever without its challenges. Whether it be extremely tight timelines to get a job done for an event, or it be a unique / brand new / first of its kind idea which we have to figure out how to build, or just the fact that things just go wrong from time to time; there’s always something to figure out and solve.

If I could give any advice to my successor I would say take time to step back and tackle problems with a logical approach. Is this the best / easiest / most efficient way? Can you narrow down where the technical problem may lie? Just how angry will the member of the Sales team be if you ignore them? 😉

“The fact that the team has largely become its own social circle outside of work is a testimony to how well this works for us.”

Here at Gravit8 we’re all trusted and take responsibility to do our jobs, but also trusted that we do things properly so to not stitch up anybody else within the team. No passing the blame or doing half a job. Everyone is here to help and we pull in the same direction.

“Where will we be in 5 years? I have no idea. But I have no doubt it will be nothing like where we are now!”

It’s been a strange old few years, and although obviously this has caused enormous challenges for everybody, it has also offered us opportunities to delve into new areas and diversify what we can offer.

Traditional physical events and experiences are coming back and will always be around, however there was always going to be a shift towards more digital and hybrid approaches, which has only been accelerated exponentially over the last few years. Our brand new VEP caters to all as ‘the next generation of events’ and that’s exciting to be a part of!