Tommy Holt


I’ve always had a curious mind which initially put me on a path of science leading to a degree in Chemistry. Post-university, however, I realised I could merge my love of computers and technology with my love of science and problem solving.

The technology pilot light was lit for me when I completed my dissertation in University. My task was to analyse the data output from a Mass Spectrometry machine using Python. After I graduated, this experience forged an interest in programming so I chased it further and decided to join a programming bootcamp called the School of Code. The rest is history!

“I always thought programming would have a ‘rulebook’ I had to follow, but really allowing yourself to think creatively is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role. As with any creative subject, seeing the fruits of your labour is a satisfying experience that never gets old”

My official role at Gravit8  is ‘Junior Developer’. I plan, design, create and deploy an array (pun intended) of projects for our lovely clients with the help of our talented team.

For me personally, the imposter syndrome gets to me regularly. Development and technology is such a huge subject that sometimes it feels like an impossible task to fully understand, implement and remember everything you need to excel in this field. However, overcoming that challenge and solving the problems that would’ve initially been too difficult is part of the fun of being a developer.

“Don’t give up, get started and embrace the struggle. It’s not easy and knowing where to start sometimes feels as difficult as the work itself, but with enough willpower, time and research, you can overcome the biggest of obstacles in your way where you’ll emerge the other side with more experience than you had before which will be invaluable”

I’ve found the team at Gravit8 extremely warming to be a part of. Ego is checked at the door, and we all learn from each other. Nobody is afraid to ask questions or say, “I’m not sure, but let’s find out”. We take our work seriously but having a chat and a laugh in our morning stand ups sets the mood, (positive of course), for the day every single day.

I feel that the current industry environment is a hectic one and I don’t think it’ll change anytime soon. The technology sector is always innovating and improving, staying at the forefront is difficult to do: But that is all part of the fun.

“In 5 years we may be using completely new technologies or further improved versions of current technologies that could change the landscape entirely, and that’s what excites me.”

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