Vanessa Powell

HR Director

I started off in huge multinationals learning the all-round skill set required to help businesses manage their people.

I provide people support on culture, performance, teamwork, learning & development, recruitment, and retention for our brilliantly talented team. Oh, and I take away the administrative pain points of employment, providing multinational service levels without the red tape.

“Moving into the fast, agile, creative world of software development, for the even faster, even more agile events world, has been liberating.”

The tech environment is dynamic and innovative, and the culture is incredibly positive and strong.  Working with brilliant people who create mind blowing products day in day out is enlivening, its very easy to be extremely proud of our business.

“The most challenging part of my job? Pace. But it’s also a huge positive. It forces innovation, challenges paradigms and makes the business exciting to work in.”

I aim to create a frictionless employment environment, where things happen easily, supporting the team with a great work environment so that they can focus on delivering exceptional solutions for clients.

The culture at Gravit8 is open, supportive, collaborative and fun.  Everyone’s opinion is valued and welcomed, real teamwork!

“The most important advice I would give to my successor would be to listen & be creative.”

I’m excited about what the future holds.  Recently we’ve all been forced to consider things that challenge our way of living – the reality of global health pandemics, fuel & food security, and climate change.

Driving sustainability is extremely important to me, I’m so proud that our team have designed and built brilliant world class software for virtual and hybrid events that will be a big part of the sustainability solution in the B2B live events sector. I think B2B events are only the start, I can imagine its application in many, many other sectors.

“I think the time is right for real dramatic behavioural change and Gravit8 is at the forefront of the solution providers, innovating carbon reduction solutions for businesses across the globe.”

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