Jetcraft, a leader in global aircraft sales, marketing and ownership strategies, wanted a unique and premium brand presence which would really take off at Nice airport.

With over ten million passengers a year, France’s third busiest airport was no small stage. The solution had to be visually arresting enough to capture the attention of potentially thousands of daily travellers hurrying off to destinations far and wide, as well as inbound holidaymakers travelling to the famous Côte d’Azur, one of France’s premier holiday destinations.


Creative collaborative Cook & Associates were tasked with conjuring up ideas for a show piece that needed to wow travellers and stop them in their tracks to view Jetcraft’s latest brand messages and grasp their capabilities.


Working in partnership with Cook, the Gravit8 team helped draw up an idea involving a Dreamoc and Gravit8’s newly designed bespoke three-step 3D branded animation. Harnessing the most advanced and captivating Pyramid technology, Dreamoc is a mixed reality holographic display system with three viewable sides, designed for bigger spaces such as retail focal points, hotel lobbies or office reception areas, making it a perfect solution for the required environment.

By using their existing brand guidelines and introducing new 3D elements, the team at G8 were able to design and build a 30-second animated brand message from the ground up. This is currently helping Jetcraft reach more audiences from all over the world than ever before.