Shell wanted to find a way to engage its fans with the blockchain by giving away its first ever NFT drop. An NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, is unique and irreplaceable. This is thanks to a unique identifier that’s placed on each token using a cryptographic algorithm. These tokens are so popular that some sell for millions of dollars on NFT marketplaces. Simply put, NFT drops are a method through which non-fungible tokens are distributed through a blockchain’s smart contract and made available to the public.

Being a new foray for the brand, the energy giant called on Gravit8 to help them to bring their fans up to speed with this new emerging technology.

It needed a solution to make it easy for consumers to take ownership of one of its 10,000 free NFTs whilst immersing themselves in a 3D environment to replicate the Daytona Pits. This would be the ultimate platform to showcase the all-new 2022 Pennzoil Nascar, unveiled in full 360 8K for the first time!




Gravit8 partnered with blockchain service providers Virtual Pangea and together, made over 10,000 free NFTs available to Nascar fans attending Pennzoil’s 400 virtual pit garage. Fans were able to explore an interactive 3D environment to offer a closer look at the brand new 2022 Pennzoil Nascar. To top it all off, Team Gravit8 created a simple user journey allowing over 10,000 fans to grab a free NFT. Each day for five days, 2,022 NFTs were given away.  As NFTs can be a bit of a mystery, G8 streamlined the process and made it easy for fans to grab a free NFT by creating simple video guides to help the user navigate the process of creating a wallet and adding an NFT.




With the help of Gravit8 and Virtual Pangea, thousands of NFTs were added to users’ wallets and Shell started their journey into the blockchain. The user experience was simple and very few users struggled to obtain their NFT. In fact, the team at Gravit8 liked it so much that it decided to rap about it: Gravit8 VP NFT promo on Vimeo.



“When we first approached Gravit8 with this project, we didn’t think it was even possible, but you have absolutely blown us away with what you have delivered, thank you all so much!”


Carly Billington, PCMO/Motorsports Brand Marketing and Communications Manager, Shell