Client: Worldrenowned construction toy brand

Project: Snowball Showdown

Location: London & New York concurrently

Dates: 5 November 25 December 2023

Key Stats

Live in two locations

7,000 individual users

36,000 snowballs thrown 


Gravit8 was tasked to develop an exciting and innovative interactive experience that would appear in the storefront of an iconic construction toy company. Incorporating two high footfall locations London and New York we aimed to create an engaging and memorable activity that would captivate passersby, drive footfall to both stores, and ignite a playful sense of rivalry between the locations. 


  • Create a unique, fun experience: Develop an interactive game that would stop people in their tracks, encouraging them to participate in the friendly competition.
  • Increase store engagement: Generate organic conversations and buzz around the stores, leading to increased footfall and heightened brand awareness.
  • Encourage social media engagement: Spark excitement among participants, motivating them to share their experiences on social media platforms, amplifying the event’s reach and the brand’s visibility.

The Solution: Snowball Showdown

Gravit8 designed and implemented a large-scale interactive and festive solution that linked two screens, one in London and one in New York, allowing users to throw virtual “snowballs” at each other in real time. The app was integrated into the shop windows, enabling passersby to engage with the game by physically performing a ‘throwing’ movement to trigger the launch of a virtual snowball. 

User Journey

The user journey began with an attention-grabbing animated graphic on the screen, prompting people to engage with the interactive display. After a brief demonstration, users would trigger the snowball throw by raising their arm, initiating an animated snowball above their head. Upon throwing the snowball, an animation would play on the opposing screen, tallying as a hit and displaying live scores daily. 


In the development process, we discovered various technical challenges. For example, sensor placement had to be optimal to ensure participants were accurately tracked. Additionally, we had to ensure the app was fully functional in all lighting conditions. Gravit8 was able to successfully implement a robust solution that delivered a seamless and immersive user experience across both locations. 


The Snowball Showdown proved to be a great success, drawing many crowds throughout the course of our installation.

With over 7,000 users and 36,000 snowballs thrown, media coverage featuring celebrities, and substantial organic social media coverage from participants, the event garnered widespread attention and engagement, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Gravit8 continues to help companies create a lasting impression and drive meaningful interactions.