“CloudSIM- An Integrated & Seamless Experience”

A new world of communications.





DSA is a global experiential events agency, founded in 1995, that provides solutions for major clients who exhibit globally. They specialise in connecting brands to people.  From concept to creation to post-event marketing, DSA combines strong global networks, deep industry expertise and an award-winning creative team to facilitate unforgettable brand experiences for any size of event, exhibition, or show.

Tata Communications is a company that provides telecommunications services, such as internet, cloud computing, and security solutions, to businesses and individuals around the world. They have a large presence in many countries, and their services help people stay connected and share information. The company is also committed to being environmentally responsible and supporting the communities where they operate.

When ‘Tata Communications’ wanted to enhance their demo for their CloudSIM technology at Mobile World Congress 2023, DSA turned to Gravit8 for an innovative software solution.

The Challenge:

Tata needed a way to showcase how their CloudSIM technology gives users a more integrated and seamless experience in an interactive format. The challenge was to create a level of animation that explained the simplicity of CloudSIM and scenarios where it would help solve human-related problems

The Solution:

Gravit8’s talented GFX team created an ‘infographic style’ cityscape animation from scratch. The animation featured three areas that can be explored in more detail to provide insight on how the CloudSIM technology gives users a more integrated and seamless experience. The team demonstrated this through a number of scenarios;


  • CloudSIM supporting in-car eSIM during signal dropout to keep safety and autonomous driving systems online
  • Fleet Management systems for delivery trucks, enabling swapping of allocated CloudSIM’s between live trucks to ensure always having coverage when needed, but reducing overhead costs of having only active trucks ‘Online’ when needed instead of the whole fleet
  • Automated check-in’s between delivery vehicles and the delivery locations by using CloudSIM to switch between public networks and the clients on-site ‘Private’ network to conduct handshakes etc.


Gravit8 were responsible for designing and building the animation environments from conception. The team used their expertise in animation, graphics, and interactivity to create an engaging and informative experience that showcased the benefits of Tata’s CloudSIM technology.


The interactive animation was a huge success at Mobile World Congress 2023, attracting a large number of delegates and generating a lot of interest in Tata’s CloudSIM technology. The animation helped to explain the benefits of the technology in a clear and engaging way that kept the audience engaged and interested.



Gravit8’s innovative approach to creating an interactive animation for Tata’s CloudSIM technology at Mobile World Congress 2023 demonstrated the company’s expertise in animation, graphics, and interactivity and as ever in the industry, working to tight deadlines and still delivering a quality solution. The animation was a success and helped to showcase the benefits of Tata’s CloudSIM technology to a large and targeted audience.

“The demo was perfect and very, very well received. It led to a lot positive interactions and results. We sincerely appreciate the incredible hard work you all put in to get this ready on time and look forward to working with you very soon in the future!”

Anusha Sundar- Tata Communications