Award-winning event agency Cook & Associates chose Gravit8 as its technology and interactive partner to enhance KEMET Electronics’ exhibition space at the Electronica show in Germany, one of the world’s biggest meetups for the electronics industry. KEMET, a leading manufacturer of electronic components was keen to make a big impression at the show – and to boot, it was celebrating 100 years in business.

Historically, KEMET’s exhibition spaces were craving interactive attractions to reflect the innovative nature of its business, using paper marketing collateral for customers to take away. The combined creativity of Cook & Associates and Gravit8 culminated in an exhibition area that underlined KEMET’s position as a forward-thinking electronics manufacturer.


KEMET’s space was a truly interactive experience, incorporating an object recognition table, augmented reality experiences and an audio-visual system takeover using G8’s Fusion software. Physical objects placed on the object recognition table triggered digital content on KEMET’s top six products—this meant users could scroll through data sheets and 3D visualisations, with the option to send themselves product information via email, eliminating the need for printed material.

Another key feature of the project was a tablet-based meeting room planner, through which users could easily organise their time and meeting room availability. Towards the end of the show, KEMET’s CEO delivered a presentation celebrating the company’s centenary and triggered a stand takeover using G8’s AV communication protocol, Fusion, to broadcast to 21 individual screens simultaneously.


The integration of interactive technology into KEMET Electronics’ space was one of the key factors, helping it achieve its most successful event to date. Visitors to the stand were not just engaged but extremely impressed by the object recognition table, which registered 3,292 interactions during the four-day event and collected reams of data and leads for KEMET Electronics to follow up with post-event. The augmented reality experiences which were tailor-designed to KEMET’s products were activated when the iPad’s camera detected an AR trigger image. This enabled users to enjoy annotations overlaid onto live footage of the stand. The electronics pioneer was so pleased with the technology used in its space at Electronica, it intends to replicate it in its Fort Lauderdale headquarters.



“Gravit8 are a great team to collaborate with. They’re always able to meet with us in person to go over our client’s requirements and are happy to show us the final product before going to site. They helped to ensure we fulfilled our client’s brief and delivered exceptional technology capabilities at Electronica.”

Jack Tyler, Senior Project Manager, Cook & Associates