Event Tech Live 2023: Round up

Title: Event Tech Live 2023: Round up 

Date: January 2024

Author: Katie Baynes


Event Tech Live continues to stand as the premier event technology showcase, celebrating all the exciting tech that makes digital, in-person, and hybrid events intriguing. With this year’s stand being the largest we have ever undertaken, we are proud to announce our 7th consecutive success as a key exhibitor!

With a legacy spanning almost two decades, we continue to set the gold standard for event technology. Our expertise allows us to create innovative software so that your brand can create an unforgettable experience that will captivate audiences and draw crowds.

For those who missed the event, let’s take you on a virtual tour of our exhibit and recap the incredible interactives that captivated attendees:

Interactive LED Floor and Walls

This motion detection wall and floor technology enabled us to respond to the movement of exhibition delegates, allowing them to interact with objects and control software changes with their feet! Showcasing interactivity, delegates controlled content using their location, movements, and even gestures, capturing details of their head and arm movements too.

Tablet Wall

Offering a dynamic viewing experience and instant visual impact, forty tablets were used to create a stunning interactive showcase. Strategically positioned on a wall, each tablet displayed a segment of video, collectively forming an impressive composite view of the entire brand video. Visitors then had the freedom to detach a tablet from the wall, transforming the handheld device display into a video carousel of our many various case studies. Upon returning the tablet to the wall, our tablets seamlessly synchronised once more, resuming the display of the original video in perfect unity, ensuring a continuous and engaging display.

RFID Cube and Display

The RFID Cube was a fascinating addition to our showcase, offering a truly unique interactive experience. Delegates explore different orientations of the cube, placing the cube on a plinth to display dynamic videos. In one position, the screen instantly showcased information about various apps, providing a tailored exploration of our tech case studies in that domain. In another position, the screen seamlessly switched to content highlighting our successful tablet wall case studies.

Object Recognition

Our Object Recognition Table creates a fun and captivating way to engage with delegates, allowing brands to showcase products and branded content with flair. Visitors are invited to interact with the touchscreen tabletop by placing items from a curated set of tactile objects on its surface. The magic begins as the screen instantly recognises and responds to these objects. For instance, placing down a Dyson product brought the table to life, showcasing relevant content including images and videos from our Dyson case studies.


Standing in front of a transparent screen, users were able to design, customise, and virtually print designer trainers. The touch application, experienced on a transparent piece of glass, showed the menus in full HD with a real pair of trainers in the background. With this unique exhibit, delegates got to witness product customisation possibilities, first-hand, in real-time. This immersive setup could be utilised with any product or physical space. The tech is currently in use at one of the flagship shops of a renowned brand, offering customers a hands-on, interactive experience that seamlessly bridges the digital and physical realms.

Bespoke Virtual Reality

Our VR experience offered a remarkable journey into custom-built branded VR environments. Participants immersed themselves in high definition, with the added realism of haptic feedback from the remotes (giving them a feeling of weight that corresponded with the item they were holding within the VR). The integration of 3D spatial audio further elevated the experience, transporting users into a world where every sound felt real, and every movement matters. We delighted in seeing the amazement on people’s faces – even those that had worked with VR previously!

This showcase at Event Tech Live acted as a catalyst, sparking a surge in our Virtual Reality briefs. Thanks to advancements in technology, and the ability to have more crowd-inclusive experiences such as mixed reality on Meta Quest 3, we’ve received more VR briefs than ever before. The resurgence of this interest in VR experiences underscores the constantly evolving landscape of event engagement, and emphasises the importance of immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Agency Collaboration and Project Potential

At Gravit8, we excel at turning ideas into impactful realities. Contact us today for hands-on support from the initial spark of inspiration to the full realisation of your tech projects. Our seasoned experts are ready to provide unwavering support, bring your ideas to life, and ensure delegate immersion through innovative tech solutions.

Thank you to everyone who attended Event Tech Live London 2023!

We can’t wait to see you again next year.