Embracing Human Interaction at Live Virtual Events

Title: Embracing Human Interaction at Live Virtual Events

Date: March 2024

Author: Katie Baynes


Exhibiting? Do you know how many people pause on your stand? How many you engage with? How many leave before you get to them?

Boosting your exhibition presence with a virtual version might be just the ticket to capture more leads, improve dwell time and brand interaction, and give your sales team the opportunity to be in two places at once.  

Exhibitions serve as pivotal meetups within industries, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts alike to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and explore emerging trends. In the fast-paced landscape of trade exhibitions, the ability to seamlessly connect with others is critical.

At Gravit8, we understand the pivotal role that interpersonal connections play in the success of any event, and our innovative solutions are tailored to amplify these interactions. What’s more, our Virtual Event Platform (VEP) presents an opportunity to digitise your event, ensuring memorable experiences for attendees, in-person and online. 

Why our Virtual Event Platform?

In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic fuelled the maturing of online software, enabling people to connect online, in lieu of in-person meet-ups. Video calling and IM-ing became all the rage, but while they worked well for strengthening existing relationships, they often lacked the necessary efficacy to facilitate new connections, new bonds, and true human interaction.

In fact, online “exhibitions” became nothing more than a series of pre-scheduled video calls, removing the exciting, engaging, exploratory nature of getting stuck-in at an exhibition. That’s where our VEP came in, first as a replacement to in-person events, and later as a way to enhance exhibitions into a hybrid-event format, and connect with more people, more effectively.  

Maximise online & in-person time

Emulating the exhibition in a digital format, the VEP can recreate the exact exhibition format, or can create the world of your imagination. Theatre halls, exhibition stands and breakout rooms are incorporated as standard, and your sales team has the technology to interact in-person as well as online. This helps spread the resource between the peaks and troughs, and also incorporates audience-engagement interactives that increase dwell time, answer standardised questions, and help your delegates to explore on their own, maximising the on-stand footfall.  

Empower event organisers

Considering the online event space, from user-profiles, we empower event organisers to interact through live text chat, video calls, and calendar invites. Our ‘nearby people’ function is designed to replicate the feeling of bumping into a familiar face, as you would at a real, physical event. This allows attendees to discover industry peers in their vicinity, strike up conversations, and have a meaningful connection. 

Fully customisable platform

With Gravit8, organisers can tailor the platform to suit their specific requirements through customisable settings. For example, contact methods may require a certain level of access and be restricted or permitted based on attendee type, demographic, location, or exhibitor tier level. This way, event organisers can modify attendee permissions to maintain full control of the integrity and security of the event. 

Seamless interactions

Beyond facilitating natural networking opportunities, Gravit8 create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. With our innovative software and intuitive design, it is simpler than ever to garner seamless interactions that drive engagement and foster community engagement at live events. 

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