Command Your Content: Motion Gesture Fusion Wall

Title: Command Your Content: Motion Gesture Fusion Wall

Date: June 2024

Author: Dan Tonks

Motion gesture interactives are a brilliant genre of technology-infused entertainment that can be harnessed at events to captivate attendees, and forge unforgettable experiences.

At Gravit8, we take these interactives one step further, transforming motion gesture technology by combining it with fusion control as well. This innovation will engage your delegates, as well as facilitate attention-grabbing pitches for your whole sales team.

Motion Gesture Fusion Wall

Our Motion Gesture Fusion Wall enables users to command digital content through physical movements while maintaining comprehensive control over every digital element from a single device.

These head-turning interactive displays provide a unique and dynamic form of engagement, allowing users to interact with digital content through body movements. This is achieved with a Motion Tracking System that uses sensors and cameras to detect and track the user’s movements. Through the wave of an arm, individuals can navigate a virtual product catalogue, complete a quiz, or walk through a virtual landscape. Alternatively, a real-life ninja kick could defeat a virtual enemy!

Beyond trade shows, the same technology can be used to deliver cutting-edge presentations, bringing complex data to life in an engaging and memorable way, positioning your business at the forefront of innovation.

The combined integration with Fusion Control enhances this experience, empowering delegates to manage multiple digital elements of your booth from a single location, using a single device.

By synchronising all of your devices, we ensure a truly seamless and impressive takeover sequence that will leave your attendees in awe. This can be done by multiple delegates at once, allowing you to gamify your booth by incorporating competitive features.

This also allows you to have several of your sales team pitch to individuals using a variety of audio-visual components in tandem, effectively creating a ‘hot desk’ on one screen.

Unmatched Impact

Beyond an impressive centrepiece for your booth, the motion sensor fusion wall is incredibly intuitive to use. With just a few taps on a portable device, you can adjust what is displayed, where it is displayed, and how it is displayed in real time. This allows for quick, impactful adjustments that keep your audience engaged, your presentation dynamic, and your atmosphere exciting.

By harnessing our integrated approach, you can engage more delegates, increasing data capture and amplifying your message. Whether you are looking to entertain, educate, or simply create an unforgettable experience, complete control over every aspect of your digital presence offers unlimited potential. At Gravit8, we work tirelessly to find innovative ways to help you stand out from the competition.

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