The Power of Data: Using Interactives to Drive Engagement and Data Capture

Title: The Power of Data: Using Interactives to Drive Engagement and Data Capture 

Date: October 2023

Author: Katie Baynes


The Significance of Data in the Digital Age 

In a time where data reigns supreme, businesses, traders, and content creators face a formidable challenge: capturing the attention of exhibition delegates while collecting valuable information for their business. The digital age has ushered in a wealth of new insights, but making your exhibition stand striking amidst the noise will always require innovation. This is where data-driven interactives shine as a dynamic approach that not only engages delegates effectively but also extracts meaningful data for your benefit. 

Engaging Your Audience Effectively

We’ve all been there at exhibitions. Funnelled down never-ending avenues of corporate stands, dodging crowds and trying to work out exactly where we need to stop. For some, a pre-planned route is the staple approach, while for others, the gung-ho wanderer is more in style. Amongst this sea of visual content vying for your audience’s attention, how do you make your brand stand distinctive?

Conventional stand design can only go so far, and this is where interactives can dominate, driving exhibition stand footfall and data capture successes too. It’s all about engaging delegates with interactive experiences, not only to deliver the information you need, but importantly inviting your audience to actively participate, transforming passive delegates into engaged participants. 


Enhancing Engagement and Data Capture with Interactives

Data-driven interactives are the secret to achieving active involvement, responses, and data capture with flair. Unlike static content, interactives are designed to make your audience stop, interact, and explore, driving them onto the stand and keeping them engaged for longer. What’s more, interactives have unbridled potential to be entertaining, beautiful, and inspiring, which will speak volumes for your brand and keep your key demographics coming back for more. The added bonus is that while they interact, you’re gathering the invaluable data you need to market your business, refine your strategies, or better understand your target market. 

Classic Types of Interactives 

  • Eye-catching displays: from tablet walls to fusion control, uniquely shaped displays to games and competitions, stand-out graphics can help give your brand the edge. You’ll bring the ambition, we’ll bring the creative ideas and execution, helping you drive never-before-achieved results from your exhibition commitments.
  • Interactive opportunities help make your brand more engaging, and worth spending more time with. This gives you ample opportunity to engage with delegates, helps provide activities that boost dwell-time while your staff are occupied, and brings you user insights including what assets they most value, and what solutions are best suited to their needs.
  • Quizzes and surveys are not just for fun; they’re powerful tools for data collection. Whether you’re testing your audience’s knowledge or seeking their opinions, these interactives gather valuable insights. Furthermore, people are less likely to leave the interactive once they have committed to answering the first question, usually completing the whole thing, and providing you with long-term engagement.
  • Calculators and tools offer utility that keeps your audience engaged while providing a valuable service. Whether it’s a mortgage calculator or a fitness tracker, these interactives become go-to resources for your audience.

How Gravit8 Interactives Go Above and Beyond

Interactives don’t have to stop there. At Gravit8, we create mind-blowing exhibits that incorporate art, gaming, animation, 3D screens, virtual landscapes, and hybrid events to enthral and excite audiences. We partner with our clients to define clear objectives: What data do you want to capture, what’s the desired user engagement, and what do you want to communicate? With this information, we can craft an attention-grabbing interactive for any campaign with outstanding user experience being a top priority. While other interactives can be difficult to navigate, we maximise engagement by ensuring anyone can take part. 

Data-Driven Interactives are the Future

By embracing the interactive revolution, you can create content that stands out from the digital noise and engages your audience in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to educate, entertain, persuade, or inspire, interactives can help you understand your audience and maximise engagement. Don’t miss this chance to leverage the power of data and interactivity in the digital age.

It’s time to inspire, interact, and succeed with Gravit8.